We continue its unremitting effort to possess world class high technologies. Especially we invest continuously to develop environmentally harmless chemical for future mankind.




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There is very complicate scale formation mechanism in recycling water process.We will develop a program that predicts and controls the scale formation by kinetic analysis of the mechanism, so that we can effectively prevent the troubles caused by scale formation.



We are developing special poly ferric sulfate product which is effective for removing specific contaminant such as copper, phosphate and fluoride at wide range of pH condition with minimum sludge formation.



To effective control of chemical injection, earlier detection of the problem and trouble shooting, it is necessary to collect and analysis of data at the field in real time.We will develop automatic data collecting and remote control system.



PATENT NO 10-0956275


Tille of the Invention.

Method for Preparing Additive Composition for Removing Metal and Demulsifying


PATENT NO 10-1930729


Siloxane Oligomer Having Organic Metals, Process for Preparing Siloxane Oligomer, Hard Coating Composition Containing Siloxane Oligomer, Hard Coating Film and Display Device