As your business partner, the company constantly advances to maximize your high profit and to preserve the green environment through updated advanced technology and exhaustive technical services.

As a member of fine chemical industry, Chemtech International Co.,Ltd has researched, developed and supplied diverse fine chemicals for major oil refining, petrochemicals, paper manufacturing and leather industries.

As you know, technical innovation is essential to improve high performance and better quality. We always keep in mind trying to save man power and limited energy resources as well as to improve the environment.

Our extensive experience in the industry promises to meet any client's requirements with new technology and professional technical services.

We respectably, ask for your constant interests and encouragement.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------Kipyo Lee
-----------------------------------------------------------------------President & CEO







Symbol Mark of Chemtech International Co.,Ltd. is composed of hexagonal benzene ring which is one of the basic chemical structure.The blue color and three lines with wave pattern symbolize the progressive, vital and environmentally green company Image as well as the company intention to become a leader specialty chemical industry.




  is known as a miraculous blood flowing in the vein of ancient Greek Gods.It means eternal vitality and represents the superiority as well as permanence of our products and technologies.